How to Find the Best Road Bike Helmet

The dangers of riding a bicycle out on the road are often under-estimated. Should an impact incident occur, there is a good chance that a rider’s head will make multiple impacts. This includes a vehicle, a tree, or some other object which has caused the incident. Then the head may also impact the ground. This is why it is essential to find the best road bike helmet. When correctly sized, fitted, and fastened, it can make a real difference.

Road bike helmets are something that can provide you with immediate protection while cycling. Each road bike helmet must meet government-mandated safety standards to be sold, so every helmet has some potential.

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Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet 4.6
GVDV Adjustable Road Bike Helmet 4.2
Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet 4.6
Giro Trinity Bike Helmet 4.4
SunVP Ultralight Adult Road Bike Helmet 4.6
Team Obsidian Road Bike Helmet 4.8
Bell Draft Bike Helmet 4.2
Giro Atmos II Helmet 4.4
Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Helmet 4.4
Gonex Mountain Road Cycling Bike Helmet 4.0
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How Does the Best Road Bike Helmet Work?

Road bike helmets are designed to reduce the peak energy of an impact incident. The foam and other resistant technologies included in the helmet help to cushion the head from the impact. Since the average road cyclist will crash an average of once every 4,500 miles, it is essential for everyone to wear a helmet while on a bike.

About 700 cyclists die every year from their riding activities. 3 out of 4 fatalities occur because of head injuries. A road bike helmet will reduce or even prevent many of these injuries.

So this means it becomes important to find the right type of bike helmet for your road cycling needs. There are three basic types of road helmets that are available today.

  • EPS Helmets. This is the same type of foam that is used for coolers and similar products. The foam is crushed on an impact and won’t recover, but your head will be protected.
  • EPP Helmets. This type of foam does recover after an impact, which means you can keep using your bike helmet instead of it being a single-use item. This option is rare in some areas and tends to come at a pricing premium.
  • Collapsible Liner Helmets. This new type of road bike helmet offers a similar level of protection as traditional helmets and do an excellent job of absorbing impact energy.

Most road bike helmets are then given a thin plastic shell to protect the foam. This shell helps the helmet to skid and move during an impact incident to prevent head and neck movement injuries. The shell also keeps the foam together during an impact. The best road bike helmets have the foam molded into the shell instead of the shell molded onto the foam during the manufacturing process.

How to Find the Best Road Bike Helmet for Me

Road bike helmets all come with ventilation features of some type to help keep the head cool. There are also fit and sweat control features that may be included. Yet there are some features that you may wish to avoid when shopping for the best road bike helmet.

Here are the options that tend to create more problems than solutions when you’re enjoying some time on your bike.

  • Aerodynamic Helmets. Unless you’re a speed racer in a time-trial event, an aerodynamic helmet is an added cost that could knock your helmet aside if the tail of the helmet should become engaged during an impact incident.
  • Shell Rigidity. Road bike helmets need some flexibility within the shell to prevent it from shattering during a fall or impact incident.
  • Strap Size. Road bike helmets with skinny straps tend to be more uncomfortable because they dig into your skin.

You’ll also notice that many of the road bike helmets tend to offer shells that are in dark colors. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can make your profile more difficult to see by an automobile driver at night. Consider adding reflective components to any dark-colored helmet if you plan to ride at night for additional safety.

Special Considerations When Finding the Best Road Bike Helmet

  • Riders who are bald will want to avoid road bike helmets with extensive top venting. During a long ride on a sunny day, interesting tan lines will form through the helmet.
  • Cyclists with larger heads may need a specialized road bike helmet. XXL helmets are not always available and one-size-fits-all options encompass small-to-large sizing only.
  • Cyclists with smaller heads may need to use a kids-size road bike helmet or work with the helmet manufacturer to install thicker padding within the helmet.
  • If a road bike helmet ends up being a little too larger, you can create a better fit by wearing a cap or beanie under the helmet.
  • For cyclists with long hair, consider looking for a road bike helmet that offers a hair port. This will improve the fit of the helmet through the use of a pony tail.

In the past, road bike helmets were thought to be silly. Many kids who are now adults can remember being teased for riding a bike with a helmet. Times have changed. Don’t be one of those cyclists who only purchases the best bicycle helmet for their needs after experiencing a crash.

Look for vents, cooling control, and a tight, but still comfortable fit based on your head size for the best war options.

Price Guide

Most casual cyclists are going to find a high quality road bike helmet available to them for around $30. These have basic features, are generally made with EPS foam, and fit well.

From there, you’ll find pricing that can reach as high as $200 if you’re looking for a professional-style helmet. Each has specific features and fit-options that must be considered on a personal level to determine if the investment makes sense.

Since bike helmets rarely go on sale, if you find a great helmet at a budget-friendly price today, then pick it up. It won’t be a purchase you regret.

Here’s Our Reviews:

Giro Savant

Featuring the Roc Loc 5 Fit System, you’ll receive an authentic style and performance when you choose this model as the best road bike helmet for your needs. With 25 vents and an in-mold polycarbonate shell, the EPS liner offers you a superior level of fit compared to other helmets on the market today. In terms of pure value, we found this road bike helmet punches above its weight class in price and performance. Give it a try and it will do the same for you.

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This value-priced road bike helmet is perfect for the casual rider. The shell is made from a combination of PC and PVC, which is then fitted over an EPS foam interior. It has fewer air vents than many helmets in this category, which improves the overall head protection it can provide. This also means you will sweat just a bit more with this helmet. Adjustments are easy to make so you can obtain a comfortable fit and the pads are easy to clean. We were pleased with what this helmet could do and it earns our recommendation.

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Grio Trinity

We loved this helmet because of its overall versatility. It’s perfect for those who love road bikes and for those with a hybrid bike or commuter bike. It gives you full protection where it counts and the Acu-Dial allows for a customized fit. Like most helmets, it features a polycarbonate shell above EPS foam. Some might be put off by the lack of a visor on this helmet, and it also seems to run about a half-size small, but otherwise it is really comfortable and will give you the protection that you need.

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This is another one of those helmets that offers a superior level of versatility. It incorporates the best of a road bike helmet and the best of a mountain bike helmet to give you a breathable and lightweight wearing experience. It’s more oval-shaped than round as well. Of particular note is the patented adjustment system, giving you vertical and horizontal customization for a superior level of protection. Just one word of caution: the largest size is a M/L, so you’ll want to take a close look at the sizing guide before completing your purchase if you have a larger head size.

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Schwinn Thrasher

If you’re looking for an affordable helmet to wear as you cruise around the neighborhood, then you’ve just found it. With a dual-fit design, moisture-wicking pads, and webbing that is easy to adjust, this is one of the most comfortable helmets we at the opportunity to take a look at. The 21 vents in the design give it a nice air flow as you pedal along, while the built-in visor provides shade while still giving clearance to shades or glasses. It’s a good value purchase, especially for beginners just starting out on a new bicycle.

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The best road bike helmet will protect against high-speed impacts while offering a comfortable wearing experience. Each of these models offers certain advantages to the rider. Meet your needs today and you’ll reduce the risks of an injury every time you slip your favorite helmet on.

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