The Best Single Speed Fixie Bikes

You’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it. Fixie bikes, which are a fixed gear bicycle, have no freewheel. Many prefer to ride a fixie without brakes as well. This means there is no coasting involved when you ride this type of bike. The pedals are always going to move.

If you’ve been thinking about trying one of the best single speed fixie bikes on the market today to see if you’d like this design, then here are the facts that you’ll want to know.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Commuter 4.2
Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike 4.8
Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie 4.3
Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser 4.5
Pure Cycles Pure Fix Original Fixie Bike 4.3
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser 4.5
Ford Taurus 1.0 20-inch Single Speed Folder 4.7
Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Bicycle 4.4
6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixie 4.5
Zydek Fixed Gear Road Bike 4.8
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

Why You Should Be Considering Fixies Right Now

The best single speed fixie bikes do more than give you a fun riding experience – if you like that sort of thing, that is. There are some specific benefits that come with owning this type of bicycle. Like owning a cruiser bike, it’s just as much a lifestyle and fashion bike as it is a functional method of transportation.

And there are these additional considerations to take into account.

#1. Fixies are cheap. When you’re purchasing a fixed gear bike, you’re getting a nice bike at a better price. There are few designer name choices to drive up prices and you won’t have to worry about the added cost and maintenance of a foldie either.

#2. They offer a clean look. Some folks like bulky bikes. There’s no denying the strength that comes in bulkiness. If that’s not for you, then a fixie bike is a great alternative. It’s streamline, gives you the basic features you need, and often gives you a thin road tire on a light frame for good maneuverability.

#3. There is a culture of modification. Fixie groups are present in many communities, giving you access to a new culture of customization and style that isn’t available with other bicycle styles.

#4. It gives you an adrenaline rush. If you’re riding down a hill without brakes and your pedals are spinning out of control, that’s just as much an extreme sport as others that people love. Riding a fixie is always an adrenaline rush, though maybe not as much on a flat trail.

There’s also the fact that fixies do give you some customization options. If you like the idea of a freewheel, but you just don’t always want one, then look for fixie bikes that will let you disengage the freewheel at your discretion. That way you can get the best of both worlds when you’re riding your bike.

Are Fixies an Antiquated Bike? Are They Dangerous to Own?

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the best single speed fixie bikes right now, you’ll find that there are several negative opinions offered online about this style of bike. To summarize all of the negativity up into one sentence, it would be something like this.

“Gears, freewheels, and brakes were invented and have become standard on bicycles today for a reason.”

And sure – if you’ve never really liked riding a bicycle, then a single speed fixie will definitely be a challenge to ride. There are benefits to having gears, being able to coast down a hill, and have more control over your speed. If you’ve got a bad knee, even if you love riding a bike, a fixie is going to be a struggle for you.

There are some disadvantages to riding a fixie on a regular basis that must also be considered. Many fixies take longer to stop if you need to brake in an emergency, even if there is a front brake lever that can be applied.

So are fixies an antiquated bike? Not in the least. Are they dangerous to own? That depends on the rider.

How to Find the Best Single Speed Fixie for Me

Because single speed fixies are more about their minimalist design, the best way to find the bike you need is to look for one that fits properly and is designed for your riding style. Frames on fixies are generally well-constructed at every price point, so look at the quality of the wheels and the crankset in particular for the best possible experience.

For the wheelset on the fixie, you need something that will roll well, give you good traction, but also contribute to a solid center of balance while riding. Some wheelsets come with a hub that will allow you to engage a freewheel so you can coast – that’s not a traditional fixie feature, but one that some riders like to use to ease into this type of riding experience.

As for the crankset, this is where you should be investing your money. A good fixie crankset is going to be light and tough because you’ll be putting backpressure on the pedals to slow the bike. Without strength here, you’ll wear out the bike in a very short amount of time.

With the modern fixie, there are also handlebar options that change the riding style as well. Some offer a flat handlebar, while others give you more of the hooked racing handlebar. If you’re looking for more of a casual ride, look for a slight slope in the frame of the bike so the saddle is positioned beneath the height of the handlebars.

Price Guide

Single speed fixies are one of the most affordable bikes you can purchase today. You’ll find a number of premium models are in the $300-$400 range right now. The reason why these bikes are cheaper is because they contain fewer components than their geared counterparts.

That also means it is very easy to find a solid fixie for around $100 if your budget is tight, but you want to see what this lifestyle is all about. You can always upgrade your fixie with features later on if you wish.

Here’s Our Reviews:

Critical Cycles

This hand-built steel fixie features a track frame with bar spin clearance so you have a maximum level of steering versatility. There is no toe overlap and there are horizontal dropouts built into this design. If you prefer a traditional cycling experience from time to time, the flip-flop hub is also built into this single-speed bike. Standard rims are Deep-V 30mm, with Wanda commuter tires, and freestyle pedals. You receive a smooth ride straight away with this bike, which what you’d expect from a great fixie.

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This fixie offers a higher seating arrangement than some other models, putting you into more of a racing position while you ride. It features a flip-flop hub for coasting if need be, or you can use back pedal pressure to control speeds if you prefer. A front brake is included with this model and the track frame gives you plenty of clearance. We found the disc brakes to need a small adjustment during the assembly process, but that was really our only complaint. At this price, this bike is a steal that won’t last long.

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When you own a fixie, you’re looking for options. Not only do you want an awesome bike, but you want one that reflects your personality. That’s what you’ll find with this urban cruiser. It features 26-inch wheels with a 19-inch frame that will support most riders. Oversize balloon tires give you some added stability, while the spring saddle gives you added comfort. You’ll love the upright posture this bike demands as well. Give this bike a try and we know you’ll love how it looks and feels as you cruise around town.

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Pure Cycles

If you’ve always loved the original fixie design, then this is going to be the best bike for you today. With deep-dish 50mm wheels, a slightly higher saddle, and a Tig-welded frame, you’ll receive durability and strength with every ride you take. It’s a bike that is fundamentally simple, easy to care for, and will help you embrace the fixie style for the first time or as an added bike to your collection. It also offers freewheel or fixie flexibility and comes at a great price.

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This is one of the few fixies that come with front and rear brakes for added speed control while riding. For that reason, we highly recommend this as a beginner’s bike in this category. It also gives this design some added versatility so it can be a city or commuter bike as well. It comes with the freewheel hub, a steel frame, and a ride that is surprisingly smooth. Pick this bike up and you won’t be disappointed.

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The best single speed fixie bikes allow you to embrace a unique lifestyle option. These bikes are living machines that are fun to ride and may open up new social opportunities. Give one a try today and fall in love with this style of cycling.

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