Best Cycling Sunglasses: Our Favorite Pairs For Riding

When you’re enjoying a nice daytime ride on your bike, the last thing you need to have happen is to be blinded by the sun. That brightness may lead you into an area of the trail or road that could be unsafe. Instead of squinting your eyes or deciding to ride only at night, there is a cost-effective solution that can give you the safety you need: the best cycling sunglasses.

There are cycling sunglasses available for almost every budget. You’ll find top-dollar premium brands and bargain sunglasses that you won’t fret about if you accidentally sit on them or lose them for some reason. We’ve combined all budget categories into the chart below, letting you see which glasses are the best cycling sunglasses for the money today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses 4.2
J+S Active Plus Cycling Outdoor Sunglasses 4.7
FiveBox Polarized UV Protection Sports Glasses 4.3
Torege Polarized Cycling Sunglasses 4.2
Velo Champion Tornado Cycling Sunglasses` 4.2
Duduma Polarized Designer Cycling Sunglasses 4.4
Oakley Radarlock Prizm Sunglasses 4.7
Smith Optics PivLock V2 Sunglasses 4.7
Nike Black Skylon Rimless Sunglasses 5.0
Revo Crux BL Polarized Wrap Sunglasses 4.7
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How to Find the Best Cycling Sunglasses for Me

The primary feature you should always look for in the best cycling sunglasses in how they work for your usage conditions. Because conditions can change on the trail or road over time, you’ll need sunglasses with the optimal lenses for the conditions you expect to encounter. Dark lenses can make it more difficult to pick up shadows, uneven spots on the road, or changes in the trail.

On the other hand, lighter glasses may tend to cause added brightness that can affect the eyes, cause headaches, or even reflective glare.

For this reason, many cyclists tend to operate in shades of gray. This helps them to balance between the light and dark lenses. With various colors and even interchangeable lenses available, it has become much easier to find what works best for your eyes so you don’t go too light or too dark.

Once you find the optimal lenses, you’ll also want to look for these key features in the best cycling sunglasses.

  • The best cycling sunglasses tend to have a frame with a straight-back temple. This is because you need your sunglasses to work with the shape of your bicycle helmet while conforming to the shape of your face.
  • The best cycling sunglasses should have grip on their frames for two reasons: to stay on your face and to not slip out of your hands should you need to make an adjustment. Otherwise, when you sweat, those sunglasses might just try to slip off your face.
  • You need to have full eye protection when cycling not just because the light may interfere with your vision. You never know when something might get kicked up on the trail or road and head toward your face. With full coverage, your eyes will have a better chance of being protected from wind and debris in addition to the bright light conditions.

Most cycling sunglasses are lightweight, feel nearly invisible, yet still have the strength to take on some of the biggest challenges. To find the pair that is right for you, the best cycling sunglass reviews can take you through each category so you can purchase the shades you need right now.

Why Do Most Cycling Sunglasses Have Polarized Lenses?

One of the biggest struggles that any cyclist faces on every ride isn’t fatigue. It isn’t debris. It’s not even the threat of an automobile in the lane right next to them. It’s glare.

Glare can quickly blind a cyclist, even if but for a moment, and in that time several dangerous circumstances may arise. This is why a vast majority of cycling sunglasses, even the best cheap cycling sunglasses, feature polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical to reduce glare, which removes the effect by blocking reflections. You get to see the trail or road with much more clarity, eliminate eye discomfort while riding, and take advantage of these additional benefits.

  • Better sight in all conditions. Polarization makes it possible to see clearly in almost any weather conditions – even rain and fog. The polarized lenses block the reflections from the moisture so the world can be seen more effectively.
  • Reduction of eye strain. Most people tend to squint, even when they are wearing sunglasses, because of how much light still reaches the eye. Polarized lenses neutralize this issue, which prevents the feelings of fatigue that occur with constant squinting. For those who suffer headaches while cycling, the best cycling sunglasses may resolve that issue for you.
  • Improved vision. Polarized glasses help you see accurate colors, crisp images, and incredible details. This improved vision allows you to make better decisions while you’re out on the road or trail.

What You Need to Know About Cycling Sunglass Frames

Many frames for cycling sunglasses are made of plastic materials. This may include polyamide, nylon, polycarbonate, or epoxy resin. The best cycling sunglasses tend to be made from Cellulose Acetate. First invented in 1865, it’s unique because this material is also used by photographers as a film base – even in today’s digital photography world.

You may also find some cycling sunglasses made from metals and alloys. This adds some durability to the frame, but also causes it to lose some of its flexibility. Titanium or beta-titanium frames tend to be the best option in this category.

For cyclists who are looking for the best combination of strength and flexibility, blended nylon frames tend to be the best option. This eliminates the brittleness of plastic frames and the lack of flexibility in metal frames to create a lightweight wearing experience. Most wraparound cycling glasses are made from this material.

Price Guide

Here’s the good news: if you’re on a tight budget, then you can find a great pair of cycling sunglasses for about $20. These entry-level glasses are lightweight, durable, and usually feature polarized lenses.

You can also find several cycling sunglasses priced at $250 or above. These premium sunglasses usually feature designer frames and brand-name recognition for makers such as Oakley.

Most cyclists will find a suitable pair of shades for between $50-$100 with all of the features they want or need.

Here’s Our Reviews:

Oakley Radarlock

These cycling sunglasses give you all of the options you’d expect in a modern pair. Equipped with a switchlock system, you can swap out the lens on the glasses for whatever conditions you are facing throughout the day. The sunglasses are also polarized, made from polycarbonate, and highly resistant to impacts. The temple and nose pads are also quite comfortable and keep the sunglasses tightly in place. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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Nike Rimless

The primary benefit of these cycling sunglasses is their improved lightweight design. Thanks to a ventilated nose bridge and reduced overall framing, these glasses are some of the lightest on the market today. They don’t fog up like many other cycling glasses tend to do on an early morning ride, but they also give your peripheral vision some protection and clarity so that you’re able to catch a potential oncoming hazard with more reliability. The fit is true, the pinch is minimal, and the results are clear. We highly recommend these cycling sunglasses.

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Not everyone can afford a $100-$200 pair of cycling sunglasses. The only problem is that many cheap pairs of sunglasses can be potentially dangerous. Not only could the lens shatter, but the polarization effects are minimal and the wrap-around designs don’t always work well with your face. This pair, which offers 5 interchangeable lenses, is one of the exceptions to the rule. These sunglasses are remarkably flexible, protective, and surprisingly snug on the face. They also have a lifetime warranty on the frame against breakage. At this price, with the benefits it can provide, it’s hard to say “No” to these sunglasses.

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Wrap-around sunglasses are a great option for serious riders. For the recreational rider, out there on one of the best cruiser bikes, a ride is more about style than substance. You should have the cycling sunglasses to match. That’s what this pair of glasses is able to provide. With a sturdier frame and more of a formal look, you’ll want to put these glasses on when you drive or take out the motorcycle as well. Their weight is heavy, but not overbearing, and the end result is a remarkably low amount of eyestrain.

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Smith Optics

Normally oversized cycling sunglasses feel like overkill. They’re typically bulky, slippery, and make you look funky. This pair is the exception to the rule. With a medium fit and TR90 frame materials, you’ll receive 3 interchangeable lenses and slide-on temple tips that customize the wearing experience. It’s also a frameless design, which lends to a good lightweight user experience. The end result is a superior level of ventilation, great eye coverage, and protection against the elements of any ride.

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The best cycling sunglasses will let you clearly see the road or trail ahead. Find the pair that matches your style today and you’ll reduce eye strain, protect your eyes from dust and debris, and improve your riding experience.

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