Best Cycling Shorts: Reviews Of Bike Apparel We Love To Ride In

When you’re up on the saddle for a good ride, the last thing you want is some discomfort in your thighs, groin, or lower back. The best bike shorts will give you the support you need, the comfort you want, and this allows you to perform at your best. Instead of trying on dozens of shorts, use this guide to find the best pair at the best price today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Santic Cycling Shorts 4.4
Baleaf 3D Padded Bicycle Shorts 4.1
Pearl Izumi Quest Cycling Short 4.5
Arsuxeo Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling Shorts 4.0
Beroy Comfortable Sports Bike Shorts 4.1
Canari Cyclewear Velo Gel Padded Bike Short 4.4
Open Road Gel Padded Cycling Shorts 4.2
Baleaf Women's UPF 50 Padded Cycling Shorts 4.3
Hamswan Loose-Fit 4D Padded Breatheable Bike Shorts 4.1
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What Type of Bike Shorts Should I Buy Today?

The best cycling shorts can be sorted into several different categories that are based on the reasons why you hop onto your bike in the first place. Commuter shorts, casual shorts, and mountain bike shorts, which tend to be loose-fitting and more like your everyday clothing, are often sold based on your current pants-size.

For guys, that means shopping for your waist size only. For women, that means shopping within your category (juniors, misses, etc.) and then the size you usually fit into (8, 10, 12, etc.) for the best fit. Some bike shorts may say that they fit multiple sizes or be a one-size-fits-all solution.

The other types of biking shorts are what most people typically think of as the standard cycling shorts worn by most riders. Here are the options you’ll want to look at to see which style will be the best style of cycling shorts for your needs.

  • Road Shorts. These bike shorts give you the most freedom of movement and the highest levels of comfort. “Beginner” shorts may be available with a thicker cushioning pad. These are the shorts to use if you plan to ride on trails or road distances of 50-100 miles.
  • Triathlon Shorts. These are the best bike shorts to wear if you plan on completing multiple activities throughout the day on your bike. They’re intended for athletic performance in swimming and running in addition to cycling, but also serve well for a day of running errands on your bicycle.
  • Cycling Liners. If the idea of throwing on a pair of bike shorts feels uncomfortable, consider wearing liners instead of traditional bike shorts. The liners go under your usual clothing to provide you the benefits of wearing the best bike shorts without the final fashion statement.

You may also find bib shorts available. These are one-piece outfits that fit over-the-shoulder while providing the same benefits of biking shorts. The difference is a lack of elastic around the waist, which some cyclists prefer.

How to Find the Best Bike Shorts for Me

The best bike shorts should be comfortable, while still giving you the freedom of movement you need when there’s a quick adjustment that must be made. They should also give your legs a form-fitting experience, especially up near the groin, to prevent chafing issues. Most styles are elastic and neoprene combinations, but compression wear with Dri-fit technology is a growing trend for bike shorts as well.

Out of those features, you’ll need to use the best bike short reviews to determine which combination works best for your needs. Once you’ve figured out that combination, you’ll then want to look for these additional features to find the best pair of bike shorts possible.

  • Ischial bone support. These are the bones which help to support you as you sit. Sometimes padding is used, while at other times a thicker material is sewn directly into the shorts.
  • Breathable materials. Your shorts need to be able to handle how you sweat. Since each cyclist sweats in a different way with different amounts, you’ll need to look at specific material features. Heavy sweaters may wish to avoid neoprene products.
  • Customized fitting. Good bike shorts should fit you like a glove. This prevents the materials from abrading and causing damage, stops rubbing sores, and encourages a better overall performance.

The best bike shorts should feel invisible. Even though some are quite dense and designed for long-term wear, they should feel like a part of the body. When you can find the shorts that do this, you’ll be ready to have a comfortable ride.

Why Bike Shorts Tend to Underperform for Cyclists

The problem that many beginning cyclists have with bike shorts is that they don’t work as intended. This is because they are not worn as intended. Most shorts are intended to be worn on their own without anything worn underneath. Adding underwear only adds to the possibility of chafing or the development of saddle sores.

Since the invention of the bike shorts in the 1970s, cyclists have also used creams and lubricants to prevent the chafing process. Many modern bike shorts perform well without these items, but long-distance riders may still find them to be beneficial.

It is also necessary to take care of the chamois pad on the bike shorts, even though on the modern shorts they are made from a synthetic material. Whether you like that big pad on your butt to be a bright color or you want one that blends into the design of the shorts, this pad must be cleaned and cared for to prevent sores and bacteria build-up. Most manufacturers have created shorts that benefit from machine-washing, but this isn’t always true.

With proper cleaning and care, you can perform at your best with the best bike shorts.

Price Guide

The best cycling shorts are generally an affordable purchase. You’ll find most products are priced between $20-$50. Premium brands may charge a little more, but this is for the brand name and not necessarily for the performance of the shorts. Cheaper bike shorts may wear out prematurely and should be avoided unless there is no other alternative.

Here’s Our Reviews:


It’s the moisture resistance that these bike shorts have that we love the most. There is a noticeable reduction of moisture pooling that occurs around the saddle region when wearing these shorts. It comes from a 12-panel design that effectively takes sweat away without compromising how well it is able to grip on the legs. It’s breathable, comfortable, and comes in a variety of color and size options so you can match it to the rest of your gear.

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These bike shorts are the best because they can pull double duty for you. Not only is the 90/10 poly/spandex combination good for compression, but it keeps the fabric breathable so you don’t feel all grimy when you take the shorts off. The sweat absorbency is so good, in fact, that you can wear these shorts as underwear throughout the day if you wish as well. It’s a great pair of bike shorts for beginners as well thanks to its padding and multiple size availability.

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Pearl Izumi

These bike shorts may only have 6 panels, which may cause some displacement of the material on an extended ride, but there’s another advantage here. It’s the UPF 50+ sun protection built into the shorts that not every manufacturer provides. There are key non-chafing and padding areas in these bike shorts as well, though this does make the Quest cycling shorts gender-specific. The 9-inch inseam makes these shorts a bit longer than other options as well, bringing the shorts down to the knee, but that also gives you a performance stretch that is extremely beneficial during any ride. Give these shorts a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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This 82/18 nylon/spandex short is a great option for those who don’t like the look or feel of poly bike shorts. The gel shock pad makes for added comfort when you’re getting used to a new saddle and you can machine wash these shorts after a long ride. The leg grippers give you miles of comfort and the 8-inch inseam stays in place rather well. These shorts also had the best overall fit around the hips – a definite plus.

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The best bike shorts will offer you stability and comfort on any ride. Whether you’re on a mountain trail or eyeing a long street straightaway, these are the shorts that can give you the edge you need. Buy yours today and you’ll have a positive outcome the next time you hop into the saddle.

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