Best Cruiser Bikes: Reviews Of Our Favorites For The Beach & Town

Not every bike ride needs to be a serious experience. Some riders may be concerned with speed and maneuverability, but not you. Your goal in owning a bicycle is comfort and style. This is why the best beach cruiser bikes were created. You don’t need to live by the beach to enjoy the benefits of this design option. Explore your neighborhood, have a good time, and relax in your own way when you own a great bike from this category.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser 4.5
Firmstrong Bruiser Cruiser 4.1
Huffy 26-inch Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike 4.1
Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle 4.5
sixthreezero Women's 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle 4.4
Firmstrong Bella Beach Cruiser 4.1
Critical Cycles Chatham-1 Beach Cruiser 4.0
Schwinn Destiny 24-inch Cruiser Bicycle 4.4
Firmstrong Urban Girl Beach Cruiser 4.7
Sixthreezero In The Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser 4.5
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

With the Best Beach Cruiser, It’s All About the Frame

What sets the beach cruiser apart from other bicycle types and styles is the overall durability of the frame. These bikes are heavy and durable. They’re one of the heaviest bikes you’ll ever own, even if the frame has been constructed with aluminum instead of steel. This is because the goal of the bike is to support the needs of the rider more than to provide speed or maneuverability.

The original beach cruisers were introduced in the 1930s and instantly grew in popularity. For more than two decades, if you were riding a bicycle, the chances were good that you were riding something like the Schwinn AeroCycle.

As World War II faded into history and the Korean War loomed on the horizon, riding preferences shifted toward road bikes. Then came an emphasis on finding a high quality mountain bike to ride. As time moved into the 1990s, however, nostalgia helped to fuel the rebirth of the beach cruiser movement. Many people enjoyed riding these beasts of the bicycling world and wanted to do so again.

And now you can as well. As an added benefit, many communities have cruiser groups which meet regularly to show off their bikes. Sponsored cruiser rides happen throughout the year as well.

This means when you own the best beach cruiser, you’re owning more than a great bike. You’re also owning a new lifestyle.

What Are the Features of the Best Cruiser Bicycle?

You might know these bicycles as “motorbikes.” Today they are known as a beach cruiser. Think of it as the bicycle that can help you find your own beach.

The primary feature of the beach cruiser is its frame design. Combined with expressive styling, these bikes are more about being fashion-forward than finding a fast forward momentum. You’ll have an upright seating posture and most beach cruisers feature a single-speed drivetrain.

You’ll also find that there are three variations on the beach cruiser design that can help to customized your riding experience.

  • The Lowrider Cruiser. These bicycles have a lower suspension, which makes the rider pedal lower to the ground. It’s very similar in design to the lowrider vehicles you’ll find in the US West.
  • The Chopper Cruiser. These are custom-made cruisers that reflect an authentic, personal style. This type of bike also tends to be the most expensive in this category, as virtually all of the parts are made for the bike outside of the mass production process.
  • The Comfort Cruiser. This type of bike offers a softer ride, an upright posture, and the frame will typically feature fenders. The saddles of this design are larger and padded and there may even be suspension elements on the seat post.

Of note within the design of most beach cruiser bicycles are the oversize balloon tires. They’re not as wide as the tires of a mountain bike, but are definitely wider than the tires on a road bike. The wheels are also a bit lower to the ground, often with a maximum circumference of 26 inches. This allows the rider to have more grip on the road or a flat trail, while also receiving added stability with each pedal stroke.

Why Choose the Best Beach Cruiser Bike?

Beach cruisers are usually one-speed bikes that have fun colors and swooping handlebars. The goal of these bikes is to put a smile on your face. It’s all about having fun. Some would compare the experience to tooling around in your favorite classic automobile. You’re making a statement about your style.

The modern beach cruiser has been grouped into a collection of bikes that are described as “lifestyle bikes.” The best beach cruisers in this category come with a 3-speed gearing system that will actually shift automatically for you. This gives you the fun of a one-speed bike, but the convenience of being able to handle changing road conditions if needed.

You’ll also find that the old beach cruisers are making a comeback on their own, but with an update to their style. This includes a lower frame, which is perfectly suited to those who may have physical challenges that prevent them from hopping onto another style of bicycle.

For example: beach cruisers are usually lower to the ground, which makes them easier to mount, to get off, and to come to a flat-footed stop when a traffic signal changes because they don’t have to get off of their seat. For those with bad knees or painful feet, this helps them to stay active on a bike, explore their neighborhood, but still be safe when doing so.

Price Guide

If you’re willing to invest into a custom beach cruiser, then you could wind up spending tens of thousands of dollars on your bicycle.

The good news is that you can also purchase a high quality beach cruiser for $200-$300. Now it won’t have custom parts, but it will have a style all its own. Choose from a variety of colors and sometimes wheel sizes at this price point.

If you’re willing to spend between $500-$1,000, then you’ll receive many of the advanced features in this category, including the automatic shifting.

Here’s Our Reviews:


This urban cruiser gives you a lot of style for a fair price. You’ve got multiple size, gear, and color options from which to choose so that you can match your bike to your personality. We’re big fans of the single-speed option, but don’t ignore the 3-speed cruisers either. The upright sitting position is comfortable, supported by the oversized saddle, so that you feel very little in terms of bumps or vibration. The chain has even been given a fender for protection. Give it a look and we think you’ll love this bike as much as we do.

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Serious cyclists may look at this entry-level brand and scoff at the idea that it can make one of the best beach cruiser bikes. We’d respectfully disagree. This all-weather bike gives you the classic look, with wheel and chain fenders, so you stay dry if a surprise shower happens to come your way. The saddle seat is embroidered and offers a spring suspension for added comfort. With a basket and rack, it can even function as a casual commuter bike. It’s easily one of the best value purchases in this category today.

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There’s a lot to love about this classic commuter cruiser. Not only do you receive multiple speed options, but there are multiple color options as well. You sit in an upright position, making access to the Nexus shifter a simple proposition. The frame itself is steel, so it’s a little heavy, but the 26-inch wheels help to even out the experience. We found the bucket saddle to be mostly comfortable, though shorter riders may find some rubbing issues happening along the sides of the seat. This is an overall solid purchase for a bike you’ll want to ride every day.

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Critical Cycles

This beautiful step-through beach cruiser gives you the best of everything. The steel frame works as a natural suspension to make the ride smooth, if but also a touch heavy. The coaster brakes are a nice edition to this design, especially with the wide tires and soft foam grips. It’s a single-speed option that requires minimal maintenance and requires you to adjust nothing. Just hop on it and pedal to your next destination for a fair affordable price.

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This little cruiser gives you the classic Schwinn feel. Reinforced with a steel frame and fork, the full fender look is supported with a rear cargo rack. Alloy rims help to offset some of the weight from the frame, while the saddle offers some added comfort and support. It rides well, gives you a strong pedal cycle, and is pretty easy to assemble. We found the steering to be a little tight compared to our personal preferences, but overall this is a solid purchase that will encourage you to get out and embrace cycling more than ever before.

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The best beach cruiser bikes offer an experience that is like a leisurely stroll. Explore your city. Run a few errands. Take the kids out for a ride on their own bikes. With these cruisers, you’ve got options that won’t break your budget. Pick up yours today.