Best Commuter Bike Reviews: Our Top Picks for Cities

Bicycles are an eco-friendly way to get to your destination. It’s also a fairly cheap way to commute to work. After all, there are no ongoing fuel expenses – unless you count that energy bar you might eat for breakfast every day. The best commuter bikes for your city can adapt to changing weather conditions, provide you with a stable ride, and maximize the power of every pedal stroke. Which commuter bike will meet your needs today?

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Commuter Bike 4.0
Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Urban City Commuter 4.0
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7-Speed Sport Cruiser 4.7
Gama Bikes Metropole Step-Thru Shimano Commuter 5.0
Retrospec Mantra-7 Urban Commuter Bicycle 5.0
XDS Men's Cross 300 4.0
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid 4.8
Pure City Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle 4.4
Retrospec Step-Thru Sid-7 Dutch Style Commuter 4.2
Pure City Classic Diamond Frame 4.7
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are the Features of the Best Commuter Bikes?

Many of us grew up riding a 10-speed bike. Technologies have changed and now the number of gears that is available on a commuter bike averages between 18-27. Your shifting becomes a complex operation with a 3-tier cassette and multiple chain rings and cogs to consider. When shopping for the best commuter bike, it’s usually easier to keep things simple. Look for more gears if you have hills to climb. Look for fewer gears if your commute is pretty flat.

Once you’ve got that decision settled, here are the other features you’ll want to take a closer look at through the best commuter bike reviews.

  • Wheel Size. Most commuter bikes come with a wheel size that is 700c. It’s a standard road bike wheel size and works for most people. If you’re a little below average in height or just can’t fit the right fit on a commuter bike, consider looking at a 650c wheel size instead.
  • Most commuter bikes are not going to include a suspension at all. This rigidity makes it easier to maintain the bike and lowers its MSRP, but does create some comfort issues with street riding. The best commuter bikes will either have a front suspension or a carbon fiber fork to help you deal with impacts and vibration.
  • Most commuter bikes come with what are called “rim brakes.” When you depress the brake lever, pads grip onto the rims of the bike. They’re affordable, easy to replace, but will also wear out the rim of the bike over time. For this reason, some of high-end bikes in this category have started using disc brakes instead.

As a final step, you’ll want to take a look at where the saddle is positioned on the commuter bike in relation to where the handlebars happen to be. The most comfortable ride tends to take place when the seat is below the handlebars. If you’re looking for more power with your bike, however, look for a model that will place the seat above the handlebars.

What Are the Advantages of Owning the Best Commuter Bikes?

The best commuter bike offers the advantage of helping you be able to carry more cargo through an urban environment. They are outfitted with a carrier rack, full fenders, and attachment points on the frame so you can include pannier racks and baskets as well. Some models include a chain guard so you don’t have to worry about getting grease or bike chain lube on your pants while riding to work.

Most commuter bikes either come equipped with front and rear lighting – or will at least give you the option to attach your own. Since most commuting occurs in the early morning or evening hours when daylight may not always be available, this allows the rider to be able to be better seen by automobile traffic than through the use of reflectors alone.

We’re also going to include the best city bikes into the commuter bike category. Though technically different because a city bike has more of a mountain bike frame, their purpose is the same – commuting. A city bike is better able to handle certain road hazards, like potholes and train tracks, because the tires are heavy and belted. Many city bikes can even handle broken glass on a roadway without suffering a puncture.

The best commuter bikes are also reasonably fast, but solid and predictable in the way they handle. That’s why they make for such a great investment.

How to Find the Best Commuter Bike for Me?

Because there are so many features that can be added or subtracted to this type of hybrid bike, the best way to start shopping for your next commuter bike is to determine your riding needs and style. Asking yourself questions like these is a great place to set started.

  • Where will you be riding your new bicycle?
  • Do you need to lock up your bicycle on the street during the day?
  • What type of riding are you intended to do with your new bike?
  • Are you wanting a bicycle that can be upgraded as technologies evolve?
  • Do you want a top quality commuter bike or a budget-friendly commuter bike?

If all you’re looking for is a bike that can help you run errands, meet friends at the park, and maybe a leisurely ride down a trail, then you can avoid some of the high-priced features in this category and get a great bike at a better price.

If, on the other hand, your needs involve navigating city traffic, crossing multiple highway lanes, or navigating tiny bike lanes in an urban environment, then a fully upgraded commuter bike is your best option.

Price Guide

Commuter bikes have a similar pricing structure to any other type of bike. You’ll find entry-level options are typically priced between $150-$300. If you want more features on your bike, then expect to pay between $350-$500. You’ll also find plenty of city and commuter bikes priced above $1,000 that will provide a smoothness and durability that allows you to handle changing circumstances with ease.

Here’s Our Reviews:


We love the step-through design of this commuter bike. The stylings are traditional in nature, especially with single-speed option. The frame itself is more of a hybrid design, which ultimately allows the rider to have a confident pedal stroke throughout their daily commute. The saddle is comfortable, the rear rack is useful, and a front light is equipped to the bike as part of the design. If you’re looking for a quality bike at a fair price, then this is the model which receives our recommendation today.

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Critical Cycles

This beautiful lightweight commuter bike features front and rear allow brakes that are responsive and useful when an immediate stop is required. It has a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and grip shifters so you can have a precise riding experience. The steel frame makes this bike a little heavy for commutes that involve multiple elevation changes, but for leisurely riding? You won’t find a better bike out there today. With a tradition look and modern features, this commuter bike is one you can’t ignore.

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If you’re not a big fan of the full step-through frame, but you still like a lower standover point, then we invite you to give this commuter bike a closer look. With a 7-speed touring design and 26-inch wheels, you receive a versatile machine that can take you anywhere in the city. The oversized saddle features synthetic leather is expectedly comfortable, while the rolling resistance of the tires gives you a smooth ride. Fenders are in place to protect the chain. The only down side? There’s not rack for storage that comes standard with this bike.

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This hybrid urban commuter is one of the best bikes you’ll find in any category. It’s fast on the road, but light enough that almost anyone can carry it up the stairs. The 8-speed design gives you the reliability you want, while the 19-inch frame has the center of balance that you need. We’re big fans of the stainless steel rivets that were used in this design, as well as the classic styling of the fenders. It’s just not suited for riders above 6 feet in height. If you love casual riding, give this commuter a good, long look because it has earned our highest recommendation.

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Most commuter bikes will give you a hybrid frame. You’ll receive a few gears. You’ll even have a lightweight riding experience. This alloy hybrid bike frame does all of that, but on a different level. Instead of 7 or 8 speeds, you’ll benefit from a 24-speed design with this model. There are men’s and women’s bikes available with this particular frame, with both featuring a double-wall alloy rim and corrosion-resistant components. The shock absorbent suspension fork is particularly useful for those rough commutes.

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The best commuter bikes will allow you to get to and from work in style. These bikes will offer you a safe ride so that you can embrace your love of cycling on a regular basis. Get the size and model that fits your needs and be prepared to have a fantastic experience.

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